Electrical Enclosure Inner Doors

Inner Door Escutcheons for Electrical Enclosures

IP Enclosures provide a range of inner doors for steel and stainless steel electrical enclosures. Inner doors enable operators to access control equipment inside an enclosure while maintaining separation of hazardous voltage equipment within the hazardous voltage area behind the inner door. Removable, hinged escutcheon plates accommodate control components such as circuit breaker handles, pushbuttons, indicator lights and HMI’s. Inner door escutcheons are an optional feature that can be easily fitted into new or existing IP Enclosures electrical enclosures. The inner door escutcheon plates are provided with handles and fixings that can be operated without the use of tools. The design allows for easy removal of escutcheon plates. Each inner door kit is provided with a support frame to mount inside the electrical enclosure to prevent panel distortion.

Clearance Dimensions

Clearance between inner door and outer door (in front of inner door): 68mm
Clearance between inner door and device mounting plate (behind inner door):
150D Enclosure: 67mm
200D Enclosure: 117mm
250D Enclosure: 167mm
300D Enclosure: 217mm
400D Enclosure: 317mm

Inner Doors – Powder-Coated Steel

Steel inner doors are fabricated using 1.2mm to 1.5mm galvanised steel sheet. UL approved epoxy polyester powder coated with a textured RAL7035 finish to 80-120 micron average thickness. Coloured inner doors are available if required.

Part NumberDescriptionDatasheetDrawingsDrawings
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Inner Door for Electrical Enclosure

Inner Doors – Grade 316 Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel inner doors are fabricated using 1.5mm Grade 316/316L Stainless Steel.

Part NumberDescriptionDatasheetsDrawingsDrawings
SKUTo Suit Enclosure H x WPDFPDF.dwg
IP-SSID3020300 x 200PDF
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Stainless Steel Inner Door for Electrical Enclosure