Pole mounted field cabinet steel

Pole-Mounted Aluminium Field Cabinets

Pole-Mounted Aluminium Field Cabinets are designed to house sensitive data network and electrical equipment for a variety of heavy duty outdoor applications including general industrial, infrastructure, road/traffic management and intelligent transport systems.

Features and Specifications

Protection: Complies with IP66 (Excluding cutouts for fans/filters. Vent hoods covering fan/filter cutouts IP55)
Standard: IEC62208, IEC/EN/AS60529, EIA-310-D


– Body and Plinth: 2.5mm Marine Grade Aluminium
– Doors: 2.5mm Marine Grade Aluminium
– 19” Data Rack Rails: 1.5mm 316 Stainless Steel
– Gland Plate: 5.0mm Aluminium
– Enclosure Seal: Polyurethane


The robust monoblock body is fabricated using 2.5mm marine grade aluminium. Precision automated manufacturing equipment ensures accuracy and consistent high quality. Flat face sealing surfaces increase seal life. Integral device plate mounts and M6 earth stud are included. Optional fan/filter cutouts and vent hoods are available.


The surface mounted door is fabricated using 2.5mm marine grade aluminium. It incorporates concealed removable hinges with captive pins and is hinged on the left hand side. Doors are also designed for a 110° opening and a door stay is provided. Each door contains integral cable management rail studs and an M6 earth stud. A document storage pocket is fitted to inside the door.

19″ Data Rack Rails (600mm wide cabinet only):

Front and rear 19″ data rack rails are fabricated from 1.5mm 316 stainless steel.


High quality Polyurethane foamed in place (FIP) full perimeter door seals provide excellent sealing over a long life.


Each door includes a 3 point locking system with key-lock swing handle. A full range of locking solutions are available upon request.

Gland Plate:

A 5mm thick aluminium gland plate is incorporated into the bottom of the enclosure for cable management.

Surface Treatment:

UL approved epoxy polyester powder coated with a smooth finish. 80-120 micron average thickness.


T33 Smoke Blue. (A full range of other colour options are available upon request. Refer to Electrical Enclosure Colours.)

Standard Sizes

Part Number -SKUDescription
IP-FA403020T33400H x 300W x 225D Pole Mount Cabinet Aluminium Smoke Blue T33
IP-FA604030T33600H x 400W x 325D Pole Mount Cabinet Aluminium Smoke Blue T33
IP-FA606030T33600H x 600W x 325D Pole Mount Cabinet Aluminium Smoke Blue T33

(Other Sizes Available Upon  Request)

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