Sloping Roof Electrical Enclosure

Sloping Roof Electrical Enclosures

Choose a sloping roof enclosure to prevent build-up of dust, debris and waste material. Sloping Roof Enclosures are designed to house a variety of electrical switch and control equipment while preventing build-up of dust, debris and waste material.

IP66 Sloping Roof Enclosures

The SSR range of sloping roof single door enclosures are designed for heavy duty applications.

Features & Specifications

​Protection: IP66 IK10 (NEMA 4)

Standards (& Conformities): IEC/EN 60529, IEC/EN 62208, IEC/EN 61439, UL, RoHS, CE, UKCA

IEC/EN 61439 Certified Test Ratings:
Rated Voltage: 400 V AC
Rated Insulation Voltage: 690 V
Rated Impulse Withstand Voltage: 6 kV
Rated Current: 630A
Rated Peak Withstand Current: 40kA
Rated Short-Time Withstand Current: 20kA (Busbar)
Rated Conditional Short Circuit Current: 20kA
Rated Frequency: 50Hz


– Body: .1.2 Galvanised Steel Sheet
– Door: 1.2 Galvanised Steel Sheet
– Device Mounting Plate: Galvanised steel sheet
– Seal: Polyurethane

Enclosure Body:

The robust monoblock body with sloping roof is fabricated using 1.2mm galvanised steel sheet. Flat face sealing surfaces are provided to increase seal life. Pre-fitted blind nutserts are incorporated to accommodate mounting. The roof consists of a sloped roof design that protrudes past the seal, flush with the door face. Integral device plate mounts and M6 earth stud is provided.

Enclosure Door:

The robust surface mounted door is fabricated using 1.2mm galvanised steel sheet and incorporates concealed removable hinges with captive pins. The door is designed for a 110° opening. Each door contains cable management rails, an M6 earth stud and a high quality machine-applied foamed in place (FIP) Polyurethane seal.

Enclosure Seal:

A high quality machine-applied full perimeter UL listed Polyurethane seal foamed in place (FIP) provides excellent sealing over a long life. Temperature resistance -40°C to 80°C (160°C short term loading).

Enclosure Lock:

Chrome 5mm double bit insert quarter turn lock with key. A full range of locking solutions are available upon request.

Device Mounting Plate:

The device mounting plate is galvanised steel sheet. It is pressed to provide strength. It is pre-fitted into the enclosure as standard.

Surface Treatment:

UL approved polyester powder coated with a smooth gloss finish, 80-120 micron average thickness, providing excellent exterior durability and color retention. Refer to Electrical Enclosure Colours.

Sun Shields:

Sun shields are provided fitted to the enclosure door, roof and sides to provide protection from heat generated from direct sunlight. Each sun shield is pressed to provide strength and to provide safety edges to improve operator safety. Fitted spacers provide an adequate gap between the enclosure and the sun shied. An opening is provided around the lock/s to maintain access to the enclosure.


IEC 60529 Degrees of protection provided by enclosures: Certificate AB-0386-T 1902.14 02/00
IEC/EN 62208 Empty Enclosures for low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies: Certificate
IEC/EN61439-1, 61439-2 Low voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies: Certificate AB-0341-T,
CE Certificate of Compliance: Certificate SZL-21 MA 13338-1
UKCA Certificate of Compliance: Certificate SZU-22MA19560-1
UL: Listing Number E534557

Products are manufactured to Quality, Safety and Environmental standards.

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Sloping Roof Electrical Enclosure - Open

Standard Colour RAL7035 Grey

Part NumberEnclosure Size (mm)DatasheetDrawingDrawing
StandardH x W x DPDFPDF.dwg
IP-SSR302015300 x 200 x 150PDFPDFdwg
IP-SSR303015300 x 300 x 150PDFPDFdwg
IP-SSR403020400 x 300 x 200PDFPDFdwg
IP-SSR404020400 x 400 x 200PDFPDFdwg
IP-SSR504025500 x 400 x 250PDFPDFdwg
IP-SSR505025500 x 500 x 250PDFPDFdwg
IP-SSR604025600 x 400 x 250PDFPDFdwg
IP-SSR606030600 x 600 x 300PDFPDFdwg
IP-SSR806030800 x 600 x 300PDFPDFdwg
IP-SSR808030800 x 800 x 300PDFPDFdwg
IP-SSR10070401000 x 700 x 400PDFPDFdwg
IP-SSR10080301000 x 800 x 300PDFPDFdwg

Colour RAL2000 Orange

Part NumberEnclosure Size (mm)DatasheetDrawingDrawing
StandardH x W x DPDFPDF.dwg
IP-SSR302015-OR300 x 200 x 150PDFPDFdwg
IP-SSR303015-OR300 x 300 x 150PDFPDFdwg
IP-SSR403020-OR400 x 300 x 200PDFPDFdwg
IP-SSR404020-OR400 x 400 x 200PDFPDFdwg
IP-SSR504025-OR500 x 400 x 250PDFPDFdwg
IP-SSR505025-OR500 x 500 x 250PDFPDFdwg
IP-SSR604025-OR600 x 400 x 250PDFPDFdwg
IP-SSR606030-OR600 x 600 x 300PDFPDFdwg
IP-SSR806030-OR800 x 600 x 300PDFPDFdwg
IP-SSR808030-OR800 x 800 x 300PDFPDFdwg
IP-SSR1007040-OR1000 x 700 x 400PDFPDFdwg
IP-SSR1008030-OR1000 x 800 x 300PDFPDFdwg
Sloped Roof Electrical Enclosure with Sun Shields
Sloping Roof Electrical Enclosures with Sun Shields