FIBOX Wall-Mounted Electrical Enclosures

IP Enclosures has partnered with FIBOX to provide the highest quality non-metallic electrical enclosures available. The full range of FIBOX ARCA Wall-Mounted Electrical Enclosures are now available via IP Enclosures.

FIBOX is a global leader in electrical enclosure solutions. For almost 60 years, FIBOX have been pioneering electrical enclosure solutions. FIBOX developed the world’s first modular polycarbonate enclosure and continues to design and innovate. Today, FIBOX are one of the largest electrical enclosure manufacturers in the world and are the leading manufacturer of non-metallic electrical enclosure solutions. FIBOX and IP Enclosures have partnered together to serve customers in Australia with a full range of premium-quality enclosures packed with features, all for the protection of electrical and electronic components and systems that help keep the world operating.


High Performance Polycarbonate Electrical Enclosures

Features & Specifications

Protection: IP66 IK10 (IP65 IK08 with Transparent Door)

Standards: EN/IEC62208:2011, EN/IEC61439-1:2011, EN61439-4:2013, UL508A


Electrical Insulation: Fully Insulated
Halogen Free (DIN/VDE 0472, Part 815): Yes
UV Resistance: UL 508
Flammability Rating: UL 94 5VA
Glow Wire Test (IEC 60695): 960C
NEMA Class: NEMA 1, 4, 4X, 12, 13
Temperature °C: -40 to 80


– Body and Door: High Performance Polycarbonate RAL7035 Light Grey
– Seal: Polyurethane
– Lock: 3mm Double Bit Lock with Key, 2-Point Locking System with Door Guide Included

NOTE: This range is available via Authorised Distributors only – not via Wholesalers. Please contact Distributors for direct sales or contact us via the quote request form.

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Enclosure SizeStandard DoorTransparent DoorAccessories
H x W x D (mm)SKUData SheetSKUData SheetInner DoorDIN Rail Kit
200 x 300 x 150ARCA203015PDFARCA203015WPDFIDSARCA2030DRSARCA203015
300 x 200 x 150ARCA302015PDFARCA302015WPDFIDSARCA3020DRSARCA302015
300 x 300 x 210ARCA303021PDFARCA303021WPDFIDSARCA3030DRSARCA303021
300 x 400 x 150ARCA304015PDFARCA304015WPDFIDSARCA3040DRSARCA304015
300 x 400 x 210ARCA304021PDFARCA304021WPDFIDSARCA3040DRSARCA304021
400 x 300 x 150ARCA403015PDFARCA403015WPDFIDSARCA4030DRSARCA403015
400 x 300 x 210ARCA403021PDFARCA403021WPDFIDSARCA4030DRSARCA403021
400 x 400 x 210ARCA404021PDFARCA404021WPDFIDSARCA4040DRSARCA404021
400 x 500 x 210ARCA405021PDFARCA405021WPDFIDSARCA4050DRSARCA405021
400 x 600 x 210ARCA406021PDFARCA406021WPDFIDSARCA4060DRSARCA406021
500 x 400 x 210ARCA504021PDFARCA504021WPDFIDSARCA5040DRSARCA504021
500 x 500 x 210ARCA505021PDFARCA505021WPDFIDSARCA5050DRSARCA505021
500 x 700 x 300ARCA507030PDFARCA507030WPDFIDSARCA5070DRSARCA507030
600 x 400 x 210ARCA604021PDFARCA604021WPDFIDSARCA6040DRSARCA604021
600 x 800 x 300ARCA608030PDFARCA608030WPDFIDSARCA6080DRSARCA608030
700 x 500 x 300ARCA705030PDFARCA705030WPDFIDSARCA7050DRSARCA705030
800 x 600 x 300ARCA806030PDFARCA806030WPDFIDSARCA8060DRSARCA806030
IBOX ARCA Enclosure 1
FIBOX ARCA Enclosure 2
FIBOX ARCA Enclosure 3
FIBOX ARCA Enclosure 4