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Designed for protection in the toughest conditions – the electrical product line provides heavy-duty indoor and outdoor protection for enclosing low-voltage switchgear and components. The extensive selection of electrical products incorporates advanced design features as standard inclusions and is compatible with the wide range of electrical enclosure accessories and thermal management (heating and cooling) solutions. The electrical line-up features material options available in powder coated galvanised steel, 304 and 316 stainless steel, marine-grade aluminum, and FIBOX high-performance polycarbonate to fulfil a wide range of project requirements.

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Electrical Enclosures

Includes the S1 (IP66) and S2 (IP55) IK10.

Rated to IK10

FIBOX Non-metallic Enclosures

Includes ARCA (IP66)

Rated to IK10

Electrical Cabinets

Includes the MF1S (IP55)

Rated to IK10

316ss Electrical Enclosures

Includes the SS1 – (IP66) and SS2 (IP55).

Rated to IK10

Sloped Roof Enclosures

Includes the SSR (IP66)

Rated to IK10

316ss Electrical Cabinets

Includes the MF1SS (IP55)

Rated to IK10

Aluminium Electrical Enclosures

Includes the A1 (IP66) and A2 (IP55)

316ss Sloped Roof Enclosures

Includes the SSSR Range (IP66)

Rated to IK10


Standard Accessories & Thermal Management

FIBOX — Polycarbonate Terminal Boxes

The full range of FIBOX’s Euronord IP66-IP67 Terminal Box products are now available.