Free Standing Electrical Cabinets

Floor Standing Electrical Cabinets

Floor Standing Electrical cabinets for low voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies are floor standing and rated to IP55.

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IP55 Floor Standing Electrical Cabinets

The MF1S Range of IP55 floor standing electrical cabinets are suitable for general industrial applications.

Features and Specifications

Protection: Complies with IP55 IK10. (Independent accredited test laboratory)

Standard: IEC 62208, IEC/EN/AS60529, RoHS, CE, UKCA

Conforming and certified to IEC 62208 – ‘Empty enclosures for low voltage switch gear and control gear assemblies’. For more information regarding design verification for switchboard assemblies, refer to AS/NZS 61439.


– Main Frame: 2.0mm Galvanised Steel W Profile System
– Side, Rear & Roof Panels: 1.2mm Powder-Coated Galvanised Steel Sheet
– Front Door: 2.0mm Powder-Coated Galvanised Steel Sheet
– Mounting Plates: 2.0mm Galvanised Steel Sheet
– Seal: EPDM

Stainless Steel Floor Standing Electrical Cabinets are also available.

Enclosure Main Frame:

The robust modular main structure is fabricated using 2.0mm galvanised steel sheet W Profile system with 20mm hole pattern.

Enclosure Door:

The robust door is fabricated using 2.0mm powder coated galvanised steel sheet and incorporates four concealed hinges. The door is designed for a 135° opening. Each door contains an M6 earth stud and document pocket.

Enclosure Side, Rear and Roof Panels:

Removable panels are fabricated using 1.2mm powder coated galvanised steel sheet.

Enclosure Base:

Base is 100mm

Enclosure Door Seal:

High quality EPDM replaceable door seal

Enclosure Lock:

4 point locking system with key-lock swing handle.

Enclosure Device Mounting Plate:

The device mounting plate is fabricated using 2.0mm mm galvanised steel sheet, pressed to provide additional strength.


All panels are earthed to provide earthing continuity.

Surface Treatment:

UL approved epoxy polyester powder coated with a textured finish. 80-120 micron average thickness.
– Colour: RAL7035 (Other colours available upon request).
– Colour of Base: RAL9005 (Other colours available upon request).

Accessories & Baying Kits:

A full range of accessories are available including baying kits.

– Baying Kit to suit Freestanding Cabinets – IP-MFSBAYKIT.
– Inner Doors to suit Freestanding Cabinets.
– Shelf Kits to suit Freestanding Cabinets.
– Laptop Drawers to suit Freestanding Cabinets.
– Cover Plates & Partial Mounting Plates to suit Freestanding Cabinets.

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Electrical Cabinet
IP55 Electrical Cabinet

Floor Standing Electrical Cabinet Sizes


Part NumberEnclosure Size (mm)Data SheetDrawingDrawingAccessories
SKUH x W x DPDFPDF.dwgInner Door
IP-MFS1624040-KIT1620 x 400 x 400PDFPDF.dwgIP-MFSID16240
IP-MFS1624060-KIT1620 x 400 x 600PDFPDF.dwgIP-MFSID16240
IP-MFS1624080-KIT1620 x 400 x 800PDFPDF.dwgIP-MFSID16240
IP-MFS1626040-KIT1620 x 600 x 400PDFPDF.dwgIP-MFSID16260
IP-MFS1626060-KIT1620 x 600 x 600PDFPDF.dwgIP-MFSID16260
IP-MFS1626080-KIT1620 x 600 x 800PDFPDF.dwgIP-MFSID16260
IP-MFS1628040-KIT1620 x 800 x 400PDFPDF.dwgIP-MFSID16280
IP-MFS1628060-KIT1620 x 800 x 600PDFPDF.dwgIP-MFSID16280
IP-MFS1628080-KIT1620 x 800 x 800PDFPDF.dwgIP-MFSID16280
IP-MFS16210080-KIT1620 x 1000 x 800PDFPDF.dwgIP-MFSID162100
IP-MFS1864040-KIT1860 x 400 x 400PDFPDF.dwgIP-MFSID18640
IP-MFS1864060-KIT1860 x 400 x 600PDFPDF.dwgIP-MFSID18640
IP-MFS1864080-KIT1860 x 400 x 800PDFPDF.dwgIP-MFSID18640
IP-MFS1866040-KIT1860 x 600 x 400PDFPDF.dwgIP-MFSID18660
IP-MFS1866060-KIT1860 x 600 x 600PDFPDF.dwgIP-MFSID18660
IP-MFS1866080-KIT1860 x 600 x 800PDFPDF.dwgIP-MFSID18660
IP-MFS1868040-KIT1860 x 800 x 400PDFPDF.dwgIP-MFSID18680
IP-MFS1868060-KIT1860 x 800 x 600PDFPDF.dwgIP-MFSID18680
IP-MFS1868080-KIT1860 x 800 x 800PDFPDF.dwgIP-MFSID18680
IP-MFS18610060-KIT1860 x 1000 x 600PDFPDF.dwgIP-MFSID186100
IP-MFS18610080-KIT1860 x 1000 x 800PDFPDF.dwgIP-MFSID186100
IP-MFS18612040-KIT1860 x 1200 x 400PDFPDF.dwg-
IP-MFS18612060-KIT1860 x 1200 x 600PDFPDF.dwg-
IP-MFS18612080-KIT1860 x 1200 x 800PDFPDF.dwg-
IP-MFS2024040-KIT2020 x 400 x 400PDFPDF.dwgIP-MFSID20240
IP-MFS2024060-KIT2020 x 400 x 600PDFPDF.dwgIP-MFSID20240
IP-MFS2024080-KIT2020 x 400 x 800PDFPDF.dwgIP-MFSID20240
IP-MFS2026040-KIT2020 x 600 x 400PDFPDF.dwgIP-MFSID20260
IP-MFS2026060-KIT2020 x 600 x 600PDFPDF.dwgIP-MFSID20260
IP-MFS2026080-KIT2020 x 600 x 800PDFPDF.dwgIP-MFSID20260
IP-MFS2028040-KIT2020 x 800 x 400PDFPDF.dwgIP-MFSID20280
IP-MFS2028060-KIT2020 x 800 x 600PDFPDF.dwgIP-MFSID20280
IP-MFS2028080-KIT2020 x 800 x 800PDFPDF.dwgIP-MFSID20280
IP-MFS20210060-KIT2020 x 1000 x 600PDFPDF.dwgIP-MFSID202100
IP-MFS20210080-KIT2020 x 1000 x 800PDFPDF.dwgIP-MFSID202100
IP-MFS20212060-KIT2020 x 1200 x 600PDFPDF.dwg-
IP-MFS20212080-KIT2020 x 1200 x 800PDFPDF.dwg-
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