Stainless Steel Free Standing Electrical Cabinets

Stainless Steel Floor Standing Electrical Cabinets

Stainless steel floor standing electrical cabinets for low voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies are floor standing and rated for protection up to IP55.

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IP55 Stainless Steel Floor Standing Electrical Cabinets

The MF1SS Range of IP55 stainless steel floor standing electrical cabinets are suitable for general industrial applications.

Features and Specifications

Protection: Complies with IP55 IK10. (Independent accredited test laboratory)

Standard: IEC 62208, IEC/EN/AS60529, RoHS, CE, UKCA

Conforming and certified to IEC 62208 – ‘Empty enclosures for low voltage switch gear and control gear assemblies’. For more information regarding design verification for switchboard assemblies, refer to AS/NZS 61439.


– Main Frame: 2.0mm Grade 316 Stainless Steel W Profile System
– Side, Rear & Roof Panels: 1.2mm Grade 316 Stainless Steel
– Front Door: 2.0mm Grade 316 Stainless Steel
– Mounting Plates: 2.0mm Galvanised Steel Sheet
– Seal: EPDM

Enclosure Main Frame:

The robust modular main structure is fabricated using 2.0mm Grade 316 Stainless Steel W Profile system with 20mm hole pattern according to DIN43660.

Enclosure Door:

The robust door is fabricated using 2.0mm Grade 316 Stainless Steel and incorporates four concealed reversible hinges allowing left or right hand opening. The door is designed for a 135° opening. Each door contains an M6 earth stud and provision for a document pocket.

Enclosure Side, Rear and Roof Panels:

Removable panels are fabricated using 1.2mm Grade 316 Stainless Steel.

Enclosure Base:

Base is 100mm

Enclosure Door Seal:

High quality EPDM replaceable door seal.

Enclosure Lock:

4 point locking system with key-lock swing handle.

Enclosure Device Mounting Plate:

The device mounting plate is fabricated using 2.0mm mm galvanised steel sheet, pressed to provide additional strength.


All panels are earthed to provide earthing continuity.

Surface Finish:

0.4 micron Ra surface brushed finish

Accessories & Baying Kits:

A full range of accessories are available including baying kits.

IP-MFSBAYKIT – Baying Kit to suit Freestanding Cabinets
– Inner Doors to suit Freestanding Cabinets.
– Shelf Kits to suit Freestanding Cabinets.
– Laptop Drawers to suit Freestanding Cabinets.
– Cover Plates & Partial Mounting Plates to suit Freestanding Cabinets.

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Stainless Steel Free Standing Electrical Cabinet
IP55 Stainless Steel Free Standing Electrical Cabinet

Stainless Steel Free Standing Electrical Cabinet Sizes


Part NumberEnclosure Size (mm)Data SheetDrawingDrawingAccessories
SKUH x W x DPDFPDF.dwgInner Door
IP-MFSS1624040-KIT1620 x 400 x 400PDFPDFDWGIP-MFSSID16240
IP-MFSS1624060-KIT1620 x 400 x 600PDFPDFDWGIP-MFSSID16240
IP-MFSS1624080-KIT1620 x 400 x 800PDFPDFDWG
IP-MFSS1626040-KIT1620 x 600 x 400PDFPDFDWG
IP-MFSS1626060-KIT1620 x 600 x 600PDFPDFDWG
IP-MFSS1626080-KIT1620 x 600 x 800PDFPDFDWGIP-MFSSID16260
IP-MFSS1628040-KIT1620 x 800 x 400PDFPDFDWGIP-MFSSID16280
IP-MFSS1628060-KIT1620 x 800 x 600PDFPDFDWGIP-MFSSID16280
IP-MFSS1628080-KIT1620 x 800 x 800PDFPDFDWGIP-MFSSID16280
IP-MFSS1864040-KIT1860 x 400 x 400PDFPDFDWGIP-MFSSID18640
IP-MFSS1864060-KIT1860 x 400 x 600PDFPDFDWGIP-MFSSID18640
IP-MFSS1864080-KIT1860 x 400 x 800PDFPDFDWGIP-MFSSID18640
IP-MFSS1866040-KIT1860 x 600 x 400PDFPDFDWGIP-MFSSID18660
IP-MFSS1866060-KIT1860 x 600 x 600PDFPDFDWGIP-MFSSID18660
IP-MFSS1866080-KIT1860 x 600 x 800PDFPDFDWGIP-MFSSID18660
IP-MFSS1868040-KIT1860 x 800 x 400PDFPDFDWGIP-MFSSID18680
IP-MFSS1868060-KIT1860 x 800 x 600PDFPDFDWGIP-MFSSID18680
IP-MFSS1868080-KIT1860 x 800 x 800PDFPDFDWGIP-MFSSID18680
IP-MFSS18610060-KIT1860 x 1000 x 600PDFPDFDWGIP-MFSSID186100
IP-MFSS18610080-KIT1860 x 1000 x 800PDFPDFDWGIP-MFSSID186100
IP-MFSS18612060-KIT1860 x 1200 x 600PDFPDFDWG-
IP-MFSS18612080-KIT1860 x 1200 x 800PDFPDFDWG-
IP-MFSS2024040-KIT2020 x 400 x 400PDFPDFDWGIP-MFSSID20240
IP-MFSS2024060-KIT2020 x 400 x 600PDFPDFDWGIP-MFSSID20240
IP-MFSS2024080-KIT2020 x 400 x 800PDFPDFDWGIP-MFSSID20240
IP-MFSS2026040-KIT2020 x 600 x 400PDFPDFDWGIP-MFSSID20260
IP-MFSS2026060-KIT2020 x 600 x 600PDFPDFDWGIP-MFSSID20260
IP-MFSS2026080-KIT2020 x 600 x 800PDFPDFDWGIP-MFSSID20260
IP-MFSS2028040-KIT2020 x 800 x 400PDFPDFDWGIP-MFSSID20280
IP-MFSS2028060-KIT2020 x 800 x 600PDFPDFDWGIP-MFSSID20280
IP-MFSS2028080-KIT2020 x 800 x 800PDFPDFDWGIP-MFSSID20280
IP-MFSS20210060-KIT2020 x 1000 x 600PDFPDFDWGIP-MFSSID202100
IP-MFSS20210080-KIT2020 x 1000 x 800PDFPDFDWGIP-MFSSID202100
IP-MFSS20212060-KIT2020 x 1200 x 600PDFPDFDWG-
IP-MFSS20212080-KIT2020 x 1200 x 800PDFPDFDWG-