Inspection Viewing Window

IP66 Inspection Viewing Window Kits

Inspection windows provide safe visibility to view and monitor equipment and components mounted inside an electrical enclosure without opening the enclosure door. This reduces risk and improves safety. If improving monitoring while increasing safety and reducing risk is important, then consider an electrical enclosure inspection window kit. Viewing Window Kits are easy to install and are supplied complete to enable easy fitting to electrical enclosures.

Protection: IP66 IEC/EN/AS60529

Material: Grade 316 stainless steel and 4mm transparent Polycarbonate.

Each kit is provided with:

  • Internally-mounted 4mm Polycarbonate viewing window with integral seal and grade 316 stainless steel mounting plate
  • Externally-mounted aesthetic grade 316 stainless steel surround
  • M6 Fasteners
Inspection Viewing Window
Part NumberDescriptionDownload DownloadDownload
IP-WINDOW1212IP66 316ss Viewing Window Kit, 125H x 125WPDFPDF.dwg
IP-WINDOW1220IP66 316ss Viewing Window Kit, 125H x 200WPDFPDF.dwg
IP-WINDOW2030IP66 316ss Viewing Window Kit, 200H x 300WPDFPDF.dwg