Inspection Windows

Inspection Windows

IP Enclosures provide optional inspection windows for enclosures and cabinets. Inspection windows allow operators to view, monitor or adjust settings of components mounted inside an electrical enclosure or electrical cabinet without opening the enclosure door. This reduces risk and improves safety.

Features and benefits of Inspection Windows

If improving monitoring while increasing safety and reducing risk is important, then consider an electrical enclosure inspection window.

  • Improve safety by reducing the need to enter electrical enclosures
  • Improve operating and maintenance performance by ease of visual monitoring of components and settings.

Electrical enclosure inspection windows are manufactured using 4mm thick transparent polycarbonate. However other thicknesses are available ranging from 2mm to 5mm subject to the area of inspection window and project specifications. Inspection windows can be any shape such as square, circle or polygon and can be any size to suit project requirements. Inspection windows can be fitted to steel electrical enclosures and stainless steel electrical enclosures.

Electrical enclosures with inspection windows are custom made-to-order items.

Please contact our team if your electrical enclosure requires an optional inspection window.

Inspection Window Outside
Inspection Window Inside