Access Control Locks

Electronic Access Control Locks for Electrical Cabinets

High security electronic access control locks provide a keyless highly secure and convenient entry solution via keypad, biometric fingerprint or Bluetooth smartphone access.

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Electronic Access Control Safe Lock

An electronic access control safe lock is supplied standard with IP-LE1, IP-LE2, IP-LE3 and IP-LE4 keypad options as shown below. The high quality swivel-bolt operated stainless steel safe lock provides a keyless and convenient entry solution based on the standard 3 wheel combination lock footprint. It is certified as withstanding 10 times the bolt-head pressure requirement of the Australian standard AS4145.2. It can be fitted to selected IP Enclosures cabinets upon request and is designed to suit the four entry keypad options below.

IP-LE1 – Safe Lock with Electronic Entry Keypad

Access is via a 6-digit code.

IP-LE2 – Safe Lock with LED Electronic Entry Keypad

This model extends on the features provided above. The LCD screen display on this entry pad allows menu options to be viewed and altered with ease.
Users: 30 user based system.

Access Control Lock Keypad

IP-LE3 – Safe Lock with Biometric Entry Keypad

This model is a ‘Biometric Fingerprint’ access unit. Access is via the presentation of a valid fingerprint or password or both. The screen display provides the support dialogue for registration of users and the execution of the administration processes.
Users: 30 user based system.

Fingerprint Biometric Access Control Lock

IP-LE4 – Safe Lock with Bluetooth Entry

The Bluetooth model introduces a smartphone entry solution. No entry pad is required on the door. Access control is set up and an entry is validated via smartphone. It is a Bluetooth Smart Device compatible with all modern Apple and Android smartphones. All authorised users and ‘eKey’ data is securely stored in the PCB Controller itself. It provides a proprietary multi-layer security encryption with rolling code to eliminate unauthorised access, comprises an advanced self-defence protocol and contains intelligent anti-hacking controls and counter-measures.

Smartphone Access Control Lock
Access Control Keypad
Fingerprint Biometric Access Control
Access Control Lock on Data Rack Cabinet
Access Control Lock for Electrical Cabinet