Telecommunications Cabinets

Double Wall Aluminium Field Cabinets

We design and manufacture double wall aluminium telecommunications field cabinets for housing roadside telecommunications and information technology system equipment. These are designed and manufactured to suit project specifications. A typical double wall aluminium outdoor communication cabinet consists of the following:

Double Wall Aluminium Telecommunications Cabinets

Our IP55 double wall aluminium cabinets house an adjustable full height internal racking system. Typical sizes are listed below. An additional 50 mm clear space around all cables and equipment is usually provided at the front and rear of the cabinet with 100 mm clear space provided on both sides of the rack framework.

Typical Sizes

Rackable height: From 1333.5 mm (30 RU)
Internal height of cabinet: From 1550 mm
Maximum external height of cabinet: 1850 mm
Racking width 482.6 mm (19”) for single unit; 2 x 482.6 mm (19”) for double unit
Internal width: From 890 mm for single unit; 1780 mm for double unit
External width: From 1066 mm for single unit; 2082 mm for double unit
Racking depth: 480 mm
Gland plates: 2 x 250 mm x 400 mm for single unit; 4 x 250 mm x 400 mm for double unit.

Construction and Materials

Material: Aluminium Sheet (Double Wall)
Main Frame, Doors and Roof: 3.0mm Aluminium Sheet
Internal Door Covers (Second Wall): 1.5mm Aluminium Sheet


Complies with IP55. (Independent accredited test laboratory)


Access doors are incorporated at the front and rear of the cabinet to provide access to all internal equipment and cables. Each door, opens 110 degrees and is held open by a mechanism.

Gland Plates

Gland plates are designed to provide sufficient pressure around the perimeter seal of the gland plate to prevent water ingress.

Drain Holes

Drain holes are provided in the bottom corners and where water could be dammed by framing members.


Door compression seals provide a durable waterproof seal against a flat surface. The seal is UV stabilised and maintains its elasticity and memory over the life of the cabinet in its normal operating environment.

Door Hinges and Locks

Doors can be hinged with concealed hinges on the left hand side for single cabinets. For double cabinets, the left cabinet is hinged on the left side and the right cabinet on the right side. A three point latching mechanism is provided as standard with a 316 stainless steel flush mounting handle incorporating a Half Euro Profile locking cylinder and dust cover. Other lock options are available.

Document Storage Pocket

A document storage pocket is provided on the inside lower half of each access door to provide space for the storage of site documentation.

Equipment Racks

The cabinet is provided with adjustable internal racking consisting of punched rails in each corner to the full height of the cabinet. The vertical frame of the racking is segmented to allow mounting of 19 inch (482.6 mm) and Euro metric 21 inch (533.4 mm) equipment at alternating segments. Each segment is 10 standard rack units (10RU). Double cabinets have the racking system duplicated for
both left and right cabinets. A minimum equipment mounting depth of 480 mm is provided between the front and back of the rack. The racking system is also supplied with a relocatable shelf and a relocatable sliding shelf with a 50kg load rating.

Cable Management

A cable management system designed to hold a 50mm diameter cable loom can be provided down the full height of both sides of the cabinet. Horizontal cable management can be provided where appropriate. Slotted duct with covers can be provided as required.


Danger and warning signs can be provided fitted to the cabinet.

Switchboard Equipment

Each cabinet can be custom designed to suit project requirements to fit required equipment.


Each cabinet is provided with two LED lights mounted within 150 mm of the top of the cabinet (one each at front and rear) for operation upon opening of the cabinet.

Custom Solutions

We can design and manufacture custom telecommunication cabinets to suit individual project requirements. Please contact us to request a quotation.

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