Floor Standing Electrical Cabinet Shelf Kit

Floor Standing Electrical Cabinet Shelf Kits

IP Enclosures provide a range of shelf kits for floor standing electrical cabinets. Shelf systems have many uses and can be used for component separation and battery storage.

Part NumberDescription
IP-SHL6060Shelf System for 600W x 600D Electrical Enclosure
IP-SHL6080Shelf System for 600W x 800D Electrical Enclosure
IP-SHL8060Shelf System for 800W x 600D Electrical Enclosure
IP-SHL8080Shelf System for 800W x 800D Electrical Enclosure
IP-SHL10060Shelf System for 1000W x 600D Electrical Enclosure
IP-SHL10080Shelf System for 1000W x 800D Electrical Enclosure
Shelf kit For Electrical Cabinet - 2