Electrical Enclosure Assemblies

Electrical Enclosure Assemblies –¬†Custom is now Standard !

IP Enclosures have standardised ventilated electrical enclosures. Our full range of high quality electrical enclosures can be supplied fitted with various combinations of ventilation products including louvre vents, filter vents, fan-filters and vent hoods. These various combinations are now standard. We have made it easy for you so you no longer need to customise enclosures or fit ventilation products. All vent filters and fan-filters are high quality IP Enclosures Italian made products.

Simply select the combination from the table below; after you are re-directed, then select the enclosure size to buy online via our stockist. Alternatively, simply contact us and we will help you with your selection.

Electrical Enclosure Assembly
Electrical Enclosure Assembly
Electrical Enclosure Assembly
Electrical Cabinet Assembly

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