Swing Frame Data Cabinet

19″ Swing Frame Cabinets

IP Enclosures SW1S Range of powder-coated galvanised steel Swing Frame Cabinets enable easy access to rear-mounted equipment and cable management at any time. All IP Enclosures are built to precision to ensure consistent high quality standards.

Features and Specifications

The swing frame facilitates the accommodation of a wide range of 482.6 mm (19″) components up to a weight load of 350 kg.

By swinging it out, access may be gained to the rear of the equipment and its cable management at any time. At the side, the swing frame has a trim panel with integrated handle strip and two-point locking bar. Several openings in the trim panel permit convenient cable routing from the rear of the swing frame in the front section. The openings may also be optinally top-mounted with standard plastic cable ducts. An additional vertical row of holes integrated into the trim panel facilitates vertical and horizontal cable routing via cable shunting rings.

Protection: Complies with 41. (IP55 Available upon request).

Standard: IEC 62208, IEC/EN/AS60529


– Main Frame: 2.0mm Galvanised Steel
– Base & Plinth: RAL7035 Light Grey (Standard).
– Front Door: RAL7035 Light Grey (Standard) Glass Door
– 19” Swing Frame: RAL7035 Light Grey (Standard).
– Mounting Panel: 2.0mm Galvanised Steel
– Seal: Polyurethane

Stainless Steel 19″ Swing Frame Cabinets are also available.

Main Frame:

The robust modular main structure is fabricated using 2.0mm galvanised steel sheet.


The robust glass door is fabricated using galvanised steel sheet powdercoated in RAL7035 light grey as standard. Other colours are available upon request.

Swing Frame:

Accomodates 482.6mm (19”) components up to 350kg. Incorporates 2 point locking.


The 100mm base is fabricated using galvanised steel sheet powdercoated in RAL7035 light grey as standard. Other colours are available upon request.

Door Seal:


Enclosure Lock:

4 point locking system with key-lock swing handle.

Surface Treatment:

UL approved epoxy polyester powder-coated with a textured finish. 80-120 micron average thickness.
– Colour: RAL7035 (Other colours available upon request).

19" Swing Frame Cabinet
19" Swing Frame Cabinets

19″ Swing Frame Cabinet Sizes

Part NumberSizeRUSize (19" x RU Width mm x Depth mm)Request Pricing
SKUH x W x DQuick Quote
IP-SW25806019"25RU19" Swing Frame 25RU 800x600Quote
IP-SW25808019"25RU19" Swing Frame 25RU 800x800Quote
IP-SW258010019"25RU19" Swing Frame 25RU 800x1000Quote
IP-SW32806019"32RU19" Swing Frame 32RU 800x600Quote
IP-SW32808019"32RU19" Swing Frame 32RU 800x800Quote
IP-SW328010019"32RU19" Swing Frame 32RU 800x1000Quote
IP-SW40806019"40RU19" Swing Frame 40RU 800x600Quote
IP-SW40808019"40RU19" Swing Frame 40RU 800x800Quote
IP-SW408010019"40RU19" Swing Frame 40RU 800x1000Quote
IP-SW42806042RU19" Swing Frame 42RU 800x600Quote
IP-SW42808042RU19" Swing Frame 42RU 800x800Quote
IP-SW428010042RU19" Swing Frame 42RU 800x1000Quote

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